Monday, March 17, 2014

Korea blahg #8 - I'm alive

It's been a lengthy ass time since my last post, and been a lengthy ass time since my defeat in season 3 of NSL.  Initially, I thought I had a lot to say about it.  But there really isn't much to say about it.  I fucking lost and that's that.  Losing is a humbling ass experience in the end.

What came after the loss was a very tough period of time for our team.  We went through a huge roster problem for a month or so.  Currently in Korea, there are like five teams that matter.  MVP Phoenix, MVP Hot6, Rave aka formerly EoT Hammer, Birdgang and Zephyr.  And of these five teams, only two are Korean.  Dota is already in a tough shape in Korea, and it certainly don't help that the foreigners are crushing the scene.  There's like no role model for young Koreans players which is more important than one could imagine.

Yeah, Phoenix is doing okay, but not good enough (has not yet beaten Zephyr), and Birdgang hasn't been really inspiring to others as of late (and they have Febby to whom many Koreans still like to hate).  One may wonder why would the nationality of a team matter, but it matters very much here in Korea.  One example would be this interview Blitz had, where he said something like sorry for poorly representing Korea as the best team in Korea.  I think one of the comments was like, "you guys ain't a Korean team, y'all are a fuckin' American team" or some shit.  Yeah, nooooo love.

So, our team went through a tough recruitment process because we wanted Koreans who could speak English, has the right attitude, and is good enough.  For what it's worth, there were players to scope.  It's just that we were disappointed time and time when they would lead us on for weeks then not join our team.

So fuck it.  We just sold the fuck out.  More foreigners.  

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