Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dat Reddit

So, armlet in 6.79 gives its strength stats over 0.7sec, making it still good, but it just doesn't have that awesome feel it used to have.  And that's a real shame, to rob the item's awesomeness because of a potential abuse.  An abuse in my opinion that was a non-issue to begin with, since a great player could replicate a script-like usage of armlet and you had to respect it abuse or not.  The abuse didn't give any new attributes to an item that made it impossible to deal with.  I mean, I don't even believe that this was a pandemic problem that was just engulfing all of dota, it's just that enough people made a consistent stink about it on Reddit to force a nerf, which is a tragedy all in itself.  

Say good bye to awesome things like this

Shoutouts to the cunts that helped butcher this item!

I mean, it's been so damn long since armlet had been introduced to dota, and script and always existed.  Why now is it a suddenly a problem?  There are nerds that script all of Invoker's spells.  Since rot's self damage is done at the first instance of pressing a button, you could even make a script where you toggle rot on and off and deal near infinite amount of damage to almost always deny yourself.  All which are trivial shit just like armlet abuse really (well maybe not the Pudge one, that one's sorta big).  I mean, I only scrape the surface of what's abusable, bunch of nerds at Finhouse would know more about these lame abuses than I.  What about real problems that does not get addressed patch after patch (any severe bugs listed in this thread).  How come these don't get fixed but a non-issue like armlet abuse was suddenly the big thing that Valve just had to address over multiple patches.  Couldn't they have just brushed it off?  

Well, maybe not huh, since Reddit may never stop making a stink about it and make continued cheap japes at Valve about not fixing this obviously game breaking abuse.  What a foul impression that would give of Valve, that they are ignorant to the pleas of the "people".   ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ  Gib Diretide!

how does valve even apologize here LOL this is so insane

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