Thursday, October 31, 2013

Korea Blag #4 - Nexon Invitational & NSL ro4

What a rough ass week it has been, and it's still not over.  To start things off, while we are still not done from Season 1 of NSL, I've announced my departure from the team.  Some would think this to be an unwise move, especially when I have nothing planned.  But NSL Season 2 will start very shortly after Season 1, and I cannot allow myself to lead my teammates on if I have little interest in continuing with them.  Unfortunately, with my withdrawal from the team, it will likely dissolve the team, although the team name may live on once again since S4L carries the banner.

My announcement did not break the team's spirit however.  Everyone is mature enough to understand the situation.  Three of our players are students, and they've been struggling with school and dota.  It is my belief that a person can only commit to one thing seriously at a time, or something suffers.  A lot of people struggle to balance between work and family.  Since our recent roster change, we've had two days of practise before fighting Liquid and Fnatic.  Since then, we've had no practises and fought Startale, and Fnatic and Liquid again.  It's not a matter of you would've lost anyway.  It's the inability to give 100% that upsets me, especially when I'm here only for dota.  It is a directionless anger however, since I fully understand that when it comes to dota or school, it's school 100% of the time.  It doesn't help that my team has military service to deal with as well.

The team may live longer if somehow, we pull off a Cinderella.  But I doubt it.  If there's one thing that I've been learning is that skill is honest.  The factor of you just never know doesn't come to play when you do not even meet the minimum skill requirement to proc such a thing.  As there were zero chance that any of the teams we've defeated were to beat us, it seems grim that we are to go further than at best, third place.  Still, this will not stop us from doing the best we can and see how far we can go.

I really don't know what my current plans are.  It strikes me funny how true the statement grass is always on the greener on the other side is.  I don't regret my decision of coming to Korea, but damn, it's never easy anywhere.  NA has the players, but no opportunity.  Korea has the opportunity, but no players.  A cruel joke, really.  If only there's a middle ground.

Let see where this all goes.

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