Friday, May 24, 2013

Being exploitable

This used to be a scenario that happened to me all the time.  I'm on the run, and enemy Lesh is about to land a stun on me.  Either I dodge the stun or not, I'm probably going to die.  I keep running the way Leshrec expects me to run, get hit by the stun and die.

What's wrong with this scenario.  The problem lies in that I behaved exactly the way my opponent expected me to behave.  Now, either I dodge the stun or not, I was probably going to fall regardless.  But it's still important to dodge that stun and here are reasons why:

You are sending a message
When you dodge that stun, you are telling him that you are not going to let him have those stuns for free.  Lesh now has to think twice about landing his stuns on you because now, you have become an uncomfortable target.  You also made that Leshrec look like a fool stunning air.

You have taken an initiative
Realizing the problem is one thing, but being able to execute is another.  It took me a very long time to actually respond correctly to these situations.  I would repeatedly run into the obvious stun and die.  But the moment you can actually change that, it's the moment where you've gained a whole new level of control over your actions. This is more important than one may give credit for.

Lesser of two evils
Sometimes you have no good options.  Just some options better than the other.  When all your options suck, you must choose one that suck the least.  And dodging stun is still the best option you have in that shitty situation.  So you must do it. 

Unexpected outcome
You would not know what could happen after you dodge the stun until you've done it.  Maybe an ally Darkseer will surge in and pop you with 900 range mek.  Maybe your ally Chen would just hit level 6 and cast Hand of God.  Maybe it will delay your death a little, allow the enemy to use more cooldowns to finish you off, then your team arrives and cleans them up.

You just don't know what could happen until you do it.  So do it.  Stop being so predictable, and so exploitable.  Don't be so free.

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