Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's fight like gentlemen!

I think it's fair to say that despite how mainstream gaming has, and is becoming, that there's still an engrossing attitude of how games are for kids.  And being a Korean-Canadian, who has witnessed the birth and boom of the PC cafes and eSports, I can safely say that this attitude exists for both worlds.  The older generations of both worlds don't view gaming as a "serious" thing. They just don't understand, and more importantly, they don't care.  The same goes for non-gamers in general.  

But there is a difference.  And the difference is that in the Western world, even the gamers fashion this belittling attitude towards gaming.  The same gamers that spend countless hours towards the mastery and enjoyment of games belittles gaming.  These are the same people that belittle others as noobs and terribads when they win, and yells tryhards and nerds when they lose.  If you are actually good and you throw the word "tryhard" around at people you beat, then you are just a bully.  

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that there's not even an equivalent word for "tryhard" in the Korean language?  There's literally no word in the Korean language that even attempts to deliver what it means by being a "tryhard".  I think that well represents the very difference in both cultures.

Honestly, this is an attitude that is harboured by wide range of gamers from pros to noobs.  It's not that because people are stupid and that's why they fashion this attitude.  It's because it's so common.  You see it everywhere in games amongst everyone.  And so, it's become the norm.  I think this is a cancerous attitude that really hinders the growth of eSports in the Western world.  The interesting fact is that a lot of the games that were heavily influenced by the Eastern world do not suffer this as bad (e.g., Starcraft and fighting games), but many Western-based games suffer this heavily (ARTS for that matter).

I suppose the biggest ones to blame are actually the pros.  These players are looked up to by many, and people try to take after them.  I don't think they quite realize how much of an influence they have on the community.  North America is notorious for this (just look at HoN).  Can you imagine pros of other games having this sort of attitude?  Jaedong and Flash respect the game they play.  That's why they devote so much time and effort.  You can see that in them.  Same with Daigo.  Even Flipino Champ who has a (huge) reputation for bad manners knows when to nod his head and applause when something sick happens, indifferent to who received the ass beating.

What a character.  
But even this man has the heart to give props, why can't you?

You really need that sort of respect for the game imho.  Admittedly, I think ARTS is a rather young genre and the pros are all young players, so some level of immaturity is expected.  But now, a lot of the oldschool pros are more older and mature now, so I'd definitely like to see more of that respect from the top North American players.  

C'mon boys, manner up!


  1. Manner and Respect are not the same things ROFL.

  2. You really shouldn't of brought up the FGC because it contradicts what you wrote here.