Monday, September 14, 2015

Pub Experience: North America

This is a follow up to my entry about Chinese and SEA pub scene.

China is really cutthroat.  The competition is fierce every game, winning is everything and it's all about abusing broken things.  It's survival of the fittest at its purest form.  NA is quite far from that, and they shun that, even.  Winning is important but it certainly doesn't justify making the game uninteresting for people.  You have the freedom to pick whatever and play it however without too much trouble, which can feel quite liberating.  This results in softer games since "weaker" heroes are being picked but also gets the gears moving for the next new thing.

Peruvians are not as a big problem as I was foretold.  They're there, but they're either harmless or just as harmful as any other English speakers.  What is harmful however is the general attitude towards the non-English speakers.  They become an easy scapegoat for everything terrible.  I'd advocate region lock, but that's probably not a real solution when you consider the reason why they're in NA servers in the first place.  SA servers are likely not very populated.  This rather unfortunate dynamic between English speakers and non-English speakers in NA remind me a lot of SEA, except across like ten different nations for ammunition.

High rated games are more common in NA and that's fun.  These are pretty good in SEA when it happens too, although very rare.  I've had four consecutive 6k games in a row the other night and that was the most enjoyable pub experience I've had in years.  People at higher MMR tends to understand the need to work together and create a non-acidic environment.

The most distasteful thing in NA are the brats.  I definitely feel like NA has the worst snobby and entitled brats.  They're sort of everywhere in the lower 5k and below, threshing around, flaunting their mediocrity and making sure everyone know how much they don't care about the game they spend more than 40hrs/week playing, and fiending social media related to dota.  You see some brats in upper brackets too, often accompanied by item breaking.  I've never seen so much item breakage until NA.  That shit's new too.  I mean, that was never a thing in NA two years ago.  It's so brutal that it's comical.  It's like the ultimate grief.  Whenever you get in an argument with your teammate and you just break your fuckin items, gg son GG.  You can't top that.  He just displayed zero interest in winning the game and made that a reality.  Whatever glimmer of hope you had of winning is gone.  Feeding on purpose?  You get bored of feeding.  To rez, to run down a lane, rinse repeat, that's a lot of work!  Instead, you walk down a lane and display your item breakage to the world, you let both sides know wassup.  It boosts the other team's morale and does the polar opposite to yours and you just GGAFK SON.  God... fucking dicks LOL...

Well, all in all, it's certainly a lot more pleasant than SEA despite sharing a lot of similarities.  I find myself focusing more on the game rather than playing politics to keep the team functional.  It's been a positive experience.  FPL's been more active lately, which robs all the 6k players from MM pool.  But then there's FPL, which is cool.

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