Saturday, May 16, 2015

Necrobook Zeus

For a while now, I've begun to realize that dota is no longer a game where you can make sense of things by running rough sims through your mind.  And perhaps it never really was, maybe it was that years and years ago, we were just all terrible and was never able to grasp its real depth.  No way to know really, since dota five years ago and now are arguably a different game in many ways.

But seeing players like Attacker! innovating a hero that had largely been the same for years is quite astonishing to see.  In Kunkka's case, it wasn't so much the new build Attacker! had introduced, but the play capabilities.  Kunkka had always had the ability to do this, why is it now that only now am I able to witness this.

seems i can't embed youtube with timestamp, ass.
go to 50:18 to witness next level
who does that indeed

Juggernaut is interesting.  Again, a hero that has largely been the same hero for years.  And only recently have we discovered the magic of phase, aquila, mask of madness and yasha.  Okay, so back then, you didn't have aquila, but back then, we also had much less appreciation of yasha too.  A lot of things were indeed different, but if we were to adapt this playstyle, go back in time and apply it during those days, would it really not work?

Innovation is harder in today's game where many concepts are more ironed out than before, and weakly constructed theorycrafts are easily demolished (do we really need to afk jungle the Necro to see if it's viable guys..).  Players have gotten better, it's hard to try and innovate what Phantom Assassin is capable of, when players counterpick Broodmother.  You just got robbed of your safelane, and maybe that already marks an end for whatever you were attempting that game.  And my 25 points you TWAT.

But this is only half true.

Game is constantly changing, new items, buffs & nerfs, shifting hero pool in meta, players getting better all give new leads to innovation.  For all we know, there's so much more to discover about the game than what we can perceive.  And it could just as well take a very small change that makes all the difference.  Be it an attitude towards a hero, item, or even playstyle.  Naga going radiance isn't anything new, but Naga doing what she does now with radiance is certainly new.  but do u rly need to pick terrorblade and go armlet shadowblade to ult enemy support youFUCKINCUNT.

Now is an exciting time for dota, newly revitalized with assortment of new items and buffs, there's a lot of fun things to try out.  The best kinds of innovation are the broken ones.  In dota, you normally itemize with balance of both offense and defense as a lot of items offer both.  But sometimes, you can itemize towards pure offense, and it's so strong that it sort of breaks all the formerly established rules of the game.  When I first saw Juggernaut's glass cannon build, it was hilarious because no one in the game was prepared to deal with over the top damage output of Jugg.  This hero has like 1000hp with MoM on, and everything in its way just melted.

So basically, when Dubu tells me that necrobook Zeus is awesome possum, I should refrain from slapping him, because maybe it's really good.  Fuck, I haven't tried it so I can't know.  Dota's a complex game, and I know fuckall.

just kiddin tho imma slap dubu.  #weallslapdubu


  1. so kwaii sunpie-chan~~

  2. Good luck on the qualifiers sunbhie.
    It's quite surreal to see you on twitch with thousands of other people.