Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Goddamn Bloodseeker

I really hope dota stops buffing heroes in a way that makes them more annoying than actually good.  Often times, this is achieved by applying global component to spells or bkb-piercing properties.  And sometimes even both.

Take Bloodseeker for example.  Certainly a decent hero, but to say he is great or even good is a hard thing to say.  He is still much of what he was years ago, only except, he now has a global thirst, can go beyond the 522ms barrier and now his silence has a new property which persists through bkb, purge and manta.  All of these - in my humble opinion - did not necessarily make the hero better or more fun, but instead more annoying to deal with.

The problem is that these three elements are very undotalike, which gives a very bullshitty feel to dealing with them.  Global vision, 522ms break and insanely strong property of spell that penetrates all defensive mechanics makes itemization and encountering these heroes not necessarily hard but just really annoying.  Good or bad does not matter, it's brainless, not fun.  

Instead, let us look at Mirana, who of core concept is also largely unchanged since her debut.  She has nothing of which that penetrates BKB, or any abilities that exceeds the limits of the game's abstract yet firm boundaries, and yet, she's just good.  One might think she may be a poor choice of a comparison since she too has a global ability, but I found her to be a great example still, since she was considered nigh useless until rather recently, with introduction of 6.80-era and players finding a way to be effective with her (Sing-fuckin-Sing).  And now, more popular than ever, she's staple of a fun and effective hero in dota.

I do not think imbuing ridiculous properties to existing skillsets is always the right way to handle things.  There are myriads of reasons why a hero is strong or weak.  Sometimes it's just the concept of the hero (Batrider), and sometimes it's just hero being too potent (TI2 Invoker) or too weak all relative to the current meta and patch. I don't claim it to know it all, that's insane.  Not to completely hate on BKB-piercing stuff since Bane and Razor has these elements but they're still good (although they're still bullshit).  Bloodseeker is an insanely niche pick that is just a shittier version of Doom or something.  Maybe with heroes like Bloodseeker it's time for an remodeling instead of a continual bandaid.

I mean, who enjoys seeing Bloodseeker on either side of the team?

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