Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Korea Blog #9: A NEW BEGINNING

A lot of interesting things have happened in the last couple months.  For one, my dream team has crumbled into dust.  It was a humbling experience to say the least, where at every turn I was met with unseen difficulties and failure.

Since then, Musica and Roddgee have come to join the MVP Hot6, and I have moved on from Hot6.  I have decided to start from scratch with a full Korean crew, so it will be a huge hustle.  It's certainly refreshing to have fun again when I'm playing the game.  Win or lose, I'm having fun.

By the by, Musica and Roddgee are awesome ass people, I have nothing but good things to say of them.  I find most dota players to be a miserable bunch, but not these two, they both have a very bright personality, and mature.  It's been fun hanging out with them, and busting Jubei's balls all day together (Musica does not partake sadly).  We are very fortunate to have them.  I'm excited and scared of how strong they may become.

LoL players, who are subsequently like the best in the world (Samsung Blue and Samsung Ozone) have moved out some time ago too.  This freed up a lot of sapce in the gaming house and it's been very enjoyable.  The atmosphere here in gaming house had never been better, especially with Phoenix going to Seattle.

Speaking of which, I had an interesting experience during the TI qualifiers.  I had the honor of being a ref (read drone) for TI quals.  My responsibilities (if it could even be called that) were to run the game lobbies and relay messages.  Being a gamer, I only really saw it from the players' perspective, but what goes on behind the veil was incredible.  People work really, really hard, and I felt humbled seeing all these people who are otherwise strangers come together for dota.  Players have it rough when they have matches to attend to for a half a day.  But they don't always have games, so they can take some breaks.  Not the guys behind production though, they work restlessly the entire day.  I said it many times and I'll say it again, the people at Nexon and SpotvGames are absolute champions, and I thank them million times for working as hard as they do for dota.  Shoutouts to Vincent Oh, who took good care of me during my part timin'.

Phoenix's performance at TI quals was incredible.  Nobody thought Korea would go to TI this year, even myself weeks ago (dat nadota cynicism).  They're still not quite there yet, and it showed clearly in their last series against Arrow Gaming (who by the way are really fuckin good..).  But I think it's clear now that it's no pipe dream.  The greatest thing about Phoenix is that above and beyond, they're a unit, a real team.  There's a lot of trust and love between the guys, and it's amazing to see that pay off for them.  They have some homework to do, but thankfully they have two months to prepare for TI.

Arrow Gaming is ridiculous, that ddz guy is a freak.  I feel like he's like an another version of Arteezy, but the old ham ass Arteezy in the days of c9dl and early ixdl.  Now, Arteezy's all about being as safe, efficient and reliable as possible.  The rest of the world are in for a surprise, ddz is going to be some wild ass shit.  That guy will super go to China after this TI is over.
Not sure what else to write, things are going great.  I'm curious where I'll be year from now.  I'm happy.

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