Saturday, December 7, 2013

Korean Blagocery #6 - Ratdota & Stuff

Well, it's almost four in the morning, and I woke up to the voice of Imp.  That boy, as impressive as he is, has even a more impressive voice; full of confidence, charisma, and without volume control, haha.  LoL guys are amazing though, they're the hardest working group of young boys I've ever seen.  They can grind games man, holy shit.  Restlessly too, with no pressure other than their own drive and ambition to be the best.  Well anyway, here I am, wide awake at 4 in the morning (thank you based Imp), hours well after our win against EoT-Hammer.

I think this was one of more meaningful wins I've had in Korea, if not the only game that I've won that sort of matter.  All my wins so far in Korea were against clueless opponents, so I didn't even consider them to be W's.  This game was pretty important to me.  

Demon had been fantastic.  I know he's constantly under scrutiny, be it serious or jokingly to all sorts of slanderous shit.  But this did not stop him from coming to our game through two hour commute of hell (and back), and being a great teammate in general.  He came into our booths during breaks to boost our morale, and gave us tips to pull through.  So, shoutouts to Demon, who had been nothing but a champion.

Matches were fucking hard.  I think I played fine mostly, and learned a few things.  I haven't watched the replay yet, and I won't until a couple of days later.  I already know some of our mistakes, noted by both Demon and March.  But I think it helps to step away from the game, clear your head, and review it with more objective perspective.

Game 1, we won pretty handily, then they rolled us for next two games.  Game 4 was the hardest shit ever, won with like 200hp difference in throne?  It was certainly EoT's game to lose no doubt.  I was literally thinking to myself oh man, this Timber's not gonna fuckin die before throne pops.  Then boom, I see the Radiant throne exploding and scoreboard popping up.  It took moment to compute what the fuck was going on, but we were all ecstatic then.  I know we played a game far from perfect.  I know it's only ro4, let alone in Korean dota.  But fuck, I was happy to win that game.  And no one will rob that shit from me! I suppose the momentum carried over to the next game.  We almost threw the game but we managed to pull it off and secure the series.  The former MSI players were pretty stonk, dominant in most of their games.

After the game was over, we did some interviews.  Every single members of our team but me had plans postgame (what the fuck really, I got ditched), and went elsewhere.  Which left me, coach, March and Demon on our jolly journey back home.  By the by, Korean traffic?  Most miserable shit ever guys... At least Korean BBQ was good.  


  1. Are your interviews on gamechosun or something cuz that sites been blocking foreign ips for years now

    1. Um, fomos, inven as well I think. It's not a very meaningful article.

  2. Nice to hear you're doing well! glhf