Sunday, December 15, 2013

Korea Blagsphemy #7 - Winter

Winter is here in Korea.  I'm not really sure what to feel about it.  Mind you, I'm not a believer of "Oh hey, because I'm used to like -40, this is totally not cold haha!".  Cold is cold, no matter the goddamn temperature if I'm cold I'm fuckin cold.  But it does seem that these Korean dudes shiver at a warmer temperature than me.  So maybe it's true?  I don't know.

Korean buildings are certainly colder than Canadian buildings though.  I don't know if it's an insulation thing (it's probably not), but I suspect that it has to do with much higher cost of hydro, and thus the poor heating of buildings to keep the costs down.  Canada, hydro is so cheap that no one really cares.  All our public buildings (like library, schools) have lights on throughout the night.  And heating is like on max, son.  We don't skimp out on the heat.  But damn, was it ever cold in the GomTV studio the other day against Phoenix.  I felt sorry for the audience that came to see my ass wooped in cold.  Demon was enjoying the snow though, he don't see much of that in SoCal.  I bet he also enjoyed the biting chill of walking with a bottle of beer on him through a cold night, haha.  So ya, winter in Korea.  At least it's not so long.  Only 2-3 months, not half a year.  That's a special feeling when you witness snowfall in May (eh Chuck?).  

Ranked matchmaking is pretty cool.  Most of my games have been alright, some pretty good.  There are bad games too but you are always going to have them.  Thankfully, they've been only a small portion of my sample size so far.  It may get old soon, especially when I start seeing more Kaolins around, but for now, I'm enjoying it.  I know the numbers are meaningless, but it's surprisingly motivating.  Maybe there's something here that should not be so easily dismissed.  

The new hero; Legion Commander is pretty cool.  Although, her counterattack thing seems bugged as fuck.  It hits targets that you are autoattacking, and does nothing if you aren't attacking.  So it's not quite like the Juggernaut from HoN.  Isn't she supposed to attack like once.. she attacks twice and no one is making any fuss about it.  Seems wrong.  She's fun so far.  Wraith Night is also fun.  Hope there's more things like that in the future.  I love the absolute casualness of it.  PvE is great like that, it allows a victory for everyone.

After Tuesday, we'll know if it will be EoT or 5inQ to fight for losers finals.  And if we win that, we get a runback against Phoenix.  And then, the season 2 is over, and with it, 2013.

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