Saturday, November 30, 2013

Korean Blagocery #5 - MVP

It had been a volatile two weeks.  I joined MVP Phoenix, then I got kicked.  Then I joined MVP Hotsix (phew).  Then Solara couldn't come in time for the game against fOu, which paved the way for Demon's arrival, who, by the way will be here within 12 hours.  That's a funny thought, to think that Demon will be living with me for next month at least.  Dota (aka life) is funny like that.  When I first came to know of him as hi2u.idgaf, I could have never guessed that I would ever live with the guy in the future.

It's easy being cynical, especially when you are an angry Korean like me who casually hate on shit just for sheer entertainment.  But when I take a moment to reflect on how far I've come and what lies ahead, it humbles me and leaves me with nothing but gratefulness.  

The ro8 games against Nonstop Dominate weren't too meaningful.  They weren't a strong opponent.   I guess the real challenge is next week, when we are against EoT-Hammer, who has former members of Mineski.  One of the interviewers asked me what our chances would be against them, and I realized that I don't think too hard about the potential outcome.  I used to read halfheartedly when an athlete would say that he thinks little of the potential outcome and that he'll only focus on doing his best.  But I get it now. You basically don't care.  You just want to spend all your energy into playing good dota and not worry about stupid odds.  Because they don't matter.  So yeah, wish us luck.  Hope we fuckin' win.  

I don't know what else to say.  Life is good so far.  MVP is amazing, not just the players, but the staff too.  I am content as shit.  You'd be too if you had this guy as your coach:

ty based team liquid for link

no real talk tho, our coach is so fucking amazing...

Oh, good luck to MVP-Phoenix team on Tuesday, who will fight fOu.  What a story line this is.


  1. waht a coach srsly i wish i got to know him in person

    1. He's an incredible guy. He truly is. Super nice, hard working and humble. He's a great inspiration to all of us.