Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shop & Courier Etiquette 101

This should already be a common knowledge, but like most common knowledge, it isn't common enough.  So here we go, an entry about shop and courier usage.  Let's go over some basics:

  • Upgrade courier as soon as possible.  This is very literal; as soon as possible.  Which should generally be before 3min. 

  • You should allow mid to hog the chicken for at least three uses, which should be bottle, boots and TP.  Still, you should allow mid to pimp it as much as possible if you can help it.
  • Make no complaints about one's constant bottlecrow in team (thus hogging courier).  He's doing what he can in order to comtest his lane as best as he can.  In fact, if you need the courier over a bottlecrower, it's likely that you are in the wrong over the player in question. 
  • Side lanes should be sufficient with access to side shops.  If you ever need an item from the base in the first 6min of the game, you are probably playing the game incorrectly.  Outside of a midas, soulring and maybe wand recipe, you really should have no business needing the chicken.  And even wand recipe is sort of pushing it. Try to give courier usage to your mid or offlane as much possible.
  • If two lanes need to bottlecrow, make sure that it gets done in one trip.  It kind of sucks already when both lanes need to bottlecrow, so you can't make it worse by bottlecrowing on two separate intervals.
  • If your trilane is using courier, ask your lane partners they need anything as well.  In later stages of the game where you would be grouping around more, try to announce your chicken usage so that people are aware of using their gold, and pimp those slots on the chicken for efficiency.

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