Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LAN ETS 2013

So it's over.  My first big LAN event, three days of complete mayhem.

In the beginning of the year, I was informed that there will be this big LAN event in Montreal.  Living only one hour away from Montreal, I figured I'd attend and see what it's all about.  I then learned my friend, Alex (aka Peekay) attended ETS and he was planning to attend the event as well.  I was excited because it would be my first time meeting him.  He even offered to give me a ride and back, which I gratefully accepted.

Day 0

So, get this.  The day before LAN ETS, Alex drove roughly an hour and a half to my place, brought beer because it was cheaper in Montreal.  He then brought me around town to buy whatever shit I needed (more booze, groceries).  Yo... he even cooked me dinner that night.... it was good too.  This guy's the fucking man.

He's single ladies (jk no fucking girls ever read a dota blog LOL)

We then played a drinking game with dota.  Here were the rules:


Best pizza in town my ass, it's epitome of mediocrity

1) If I make a call for a target, and I kill him, Alex takes a shot, viceversa.
2) If I get a kill, I take a shot.
3) If Alex dies, he takes a shot.
4) If I shout out a racial slur, I take 3 shots.
5) If we get RU, BR or Chinese player on our team, 5 shots.
6) If someone in our game has the name which ends with ".kr", finish drink.
7) If someone dies by neutral, finish half drink.
8) If I have to fight for middle with another player, 5 shots.
9) Towers 1 shot, barracks 2 shots, rosh 2 shots.
10) If any of these heroes gets picked, 5 shots: Visages, BS, Meepo, Chen, Enchantress.
11) LoL reference 2 shots
12) You get jewed by a rune spawn, 1 shot
13) Some asshole starts with a 0min rune, 3 shots.

You know, I think with some polish, this game has potential.  Maybe it could be a thing?  Anyway, we played a bunch of Taylor Swift and lost won every game that night.  Cyka mothafuckaz!!

Day 1

The event was to start at 6pm, but Alex had some work to finish with his colleagues at ETS.  So we were out by noon.  On our way to Montreal, I recited some stupid LoL vs. Dota2 article to him, and we discussed the topic.  Then this caught my eye.


We managed to cross the boarder, and with some twist and turns in downtown Montreal, we were finally there.  
First building

Second building
Note the Flag of Quebec, you in a different country, son

Since they were accepting attendees from 6pm, the venue was empty of its 1100 participants that were to occupy the space.  I felt a little excited seeing the venue.  Shoutouts to the ETS crew that put all of this together, and two guys that literally set all network stuff together.  You guys are beast.

One of two main wings

There are more space upstairs and further back

It was several hours until the event.  There were already people lined up, waiting to be admitted.  I didn't want to sit there and wait for hours, so I just burned time by walking around the venue, creeping around other parts of the school and around the school.  Roughly an hour before the event, Alex and his friends thought it'd be best if we eat, so we headed over to the second building where they had a pub.  I had a burger, salad and a glass of white beer, which by the way, was fucking amazing.  It had a fruity flavour about it, and it was just really good.  Shoutouts to Oliver, and other Alex.  I forgot take a picture with you guys, sorry.

Shortly thereafter, my teammates arrived, and we all hung out at the pub for a bit before we went back to the venue.  It was my first time meeting Lust and Risk.  The lineup to being admission was massive, so we decided to setup our PCs then line up.  It was a bit of a hassle setting stuff up.  I had to make multiple trips to the car getting our stuff, helping others and whatnot.  At one point, I was carrying two towers and was struggling (dyel.jpg), and some dude offered to help me.  He even asked if he wanted me to carry both towers.  D-dat feel...

Well anyway, we eventually got set up.  And you know, I always thought that the word dota and poverty went hand in hand.  And my teammates didn't disappoint me (minus Risk, who by the way, was the only white guy on our team, so he doesn't even count).  Behold, Febby's Battlestation of Fiending:

He lost this game LOL

Yes, that is a stolen mac keyboard on PC.  Yes, that is like a 16", 4:3 monitor. No, he does not have a headset.  His mouse & mousepads are Dota2 merchandise though, gotta support the community.

Oh, I'm not done yet.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the terror that is Jubei's Rexdale Swagstation:

Jubei aka AE aka NaturalTalent aka sodapopkilla

What you see here my friends, is a dota2 on 800x600 resolution.  He does this because his laptop is so shitty that it cannot handle any other resolution.  In fact, even in this resolution, he has framerate issues.  Did I mention that all his settings are at its absolute lowest?  I don't know how he reads anything at all, the font is literally like 2-3 size.  The creeps are like 3x3 pixels big.  And he plays with a very high sensitivity, how does he click on anything with any level of precision is beyond me. 

Lust had a pretty ghetto setup as well, but not as bad as these guys.  I am not exempt from the poverty either since I have a scratched monitor I've been using for years, and my PC is currently dead since my departure from ETS (I'm on a laptop). 


Heh, nerds

It was somewhat inspiring to see all these people who are passionate about gaming come together to geek out together.  My team was fiending ixdl as soon as their PC got setup.  And everywhere around, people were just playing games.  I on the other hand, had some issues.  I couldn't boot to OS.  Thankfully, I had Alex to help me.  It was a real pain in the ass, and it took a lot of time, but it was okay in the end, at least throughout the event.  In the mean time, I visited the fighting game station and got owned over and over by some Fei player and Rose player.  I wanted to grind games out, but they tend to boot scrubs off the couch.  

Some time during that night, Alex and I went upstairs to where the other Alex was to see how he was doing.  We saw a bunch of dota players there as well (Qop Top and MYi).  We observed their games a little and said hello to MYi guys.  The first night was certainly the most exciting.  The atmosphere, and the energy of the environment was really cool.

This however, did not end well because we didn't fucking sleep.  We slept maybe three hours across the entire team.  I had this drink, Bawls.  Some energy drink, which was delicious, but it was literally the most powerful energy drink I've ever had in my life.  It completely destroyed me.  I knew I needed sleep, but I could not feel tired or go to sleep.  It got miserable pretty quick from that point on.  So the first night ended in sort of a disaster, or rather, it never ended at all because we didn't sleep.  Never again.  Guys, always plan your sleep and meals correctly throughout a LAN event!!  Very important!!

About 2/3 of these, if not more were consumed by some dudes to the left of us..

Day 2

The morning eventually came.  And we were completely exhausted.  Risk, being a non-team player he is, got some sleep (way to go bro, we were meant to suffer together).  As for the rest of us, no such luck.  I did go for a shower though, asked Jubei if he wanted to come.  We went together.  No soaps were dropped.

'Get your hands off me, faggot'

After that, we played our group stage matches.  I think we breezed through them, and our last match was delayed because they were missing.  We decided to go eat instead, then come back for the match.  It was against Volkano's team which was a complete pickup group (to which he wasn't too happy about).  Shoutouts to Volkano, that mofo never once came to say hi to us.

Lunch was great.  We talked about dota related stuff and it was fun.  It was probably the first and the last time we behaved like a team, where we actually talked dota seriously on a very personal level with one another.  I had the same beer I had yesterday, and Lust and Febby followed suit.  Risk was there, but he was like offlaning IRL all throughout the event.  Sometimes by choice, most of the times by us just being inconsiderate dickheads.

'Je veux une poutine ohohoho!'

We finished our last game for the morning.  Alex then showed up (he went back home to sleep, smart guy).  Febby and I really wanted to sleep, but the sleeping quarters were not available after 7am, so we didn't know where to sleep.  The venue was far too loud and the wooden chair was making my ass sore.  Guys, bring your own chair or bring cushion.  Alex prevailed again.  He lead us to some hangout room which you could only access if you were an ETS student.  We dropped like a rock and slept for 6 or some hours.  

Alex woke us up eventually, telling us that we have a last match of the day to play.  He even got us pizza, and it was a good pizza too!  Jubei looked like shit, so I had the pleasure of asking him if he's gotten any sleep, to which I paraphrase, he replied, "I-I don't fucking know anymore.  The past two days has been a complete fuckin' blur".  I lol'd.

vs. We faced Together We Go

Second game was interesting because Lust and I argued a bit.  I got him pretty upset, he got me pretty upset.  I ended up apologizing and that was that. We won both our games and moved on.

Later that night, we went back to the same pub, and they had a party there.  All but Jubei joined us, he slept, I think.  Risk and Lust were feeling too tired to hang out throughout the night, and they eventually left us as well.

Alex, Febby, Lust and I

We drank a bunch there and we took photo with the infamous (formerly) SK Gaming girls.  Sorry about photo quality, they're all taken with a phone so, oh well.

Hoverhand swag

Dear god, my head is literally 1.5x that of Febby

Disclaimer: don't mind my annoying drunken blabber please!

shoulda bottlecrowed ya n00b

After that, we went to a different bar and drank some more and returned to our venue.

Day 3

I woke up around 7:40ish in the morning.  On a floor, near my PC.  I had no idea how I ended up on the floor, but I felt sick and cold.  Our match was at 9, we were to play our semifinal game and finals.  We were against Quick Rip.  I engaged in these games, pretty hung over.

vs. Quick Rip

First game was a Febby show as it often is with his QoP.  Second game, we opted for a push strat.  We had Enchantress / Chen / Furion / Pugna and Juggernaut.  I think we tore down their T4 by 17min.  With their throne exposed, the opposing team called gg and wished us good luck.  I felt like a complete asshole that game.

It was around lunch, and I wanted a warm soup for my hangover.  I suggested pho, and Lust initially wanted to come, but didn't.  Rest stayed there as well.  Alex drove me to a restaurant, and as he had never tried pho, I was excited to introduce him to a new cuisine.  Sadly, he didn't really like it very much.  Saw little more of Montreal then, China town and all.  Mind you, at this point, I felt like the fatigue was building among everyone.  

I returned just in time for our final match, but there were some technical problems.  Risk had game loading issues, Lust had Internet issues, etc.  Once that was all good, it was go time.  Finals against MYi, who had told us to meet them at the finals.

vs. MYi

The first game was pretty dramatic.  Febby lost mid, Jubei got dropped at a critical time which resulted a loss of a team fight.  We even denied our own aegis because we didn't click it fast enough.  Divine was also being passed from one team to another.  At one point, we were down by 2x kills.  Though I was really never worried about the outcome of the game, maybe that was just me.  I don't think Jubei was too happy about the progress of that game.  But oh well, we won.

Second game was less interesting.  It was Febby and Jubei show, where they played their famous gay ck+wisp combo.  Don't let the scoreboard fool you with my 22 assists.  I did effectively nothing.  I think after a certain point in the game, I could've literally gone afk.  They didn't know how to deal with ck+wisp, then again, how many are.

Alex was at the front watching the game in the big screens, overhearing some spectators' conversations.  Apparently they didn't like us very much because we were perceived as rude.  I guess our team name doesn't help.  Nor did Febby and Jubei crushing all game, and even committing to a fountain dive which sealed the fate of that game.

So that was it.  An hour long game followed by a twenty minute game.  And that was the end of the tournament.  MYi guys came down, said gg, and shook hands with us.  Nice guys.  I think I looked a little rude because I was too tired to care.  We cleaned up our stuff, took a team photo with our novelty cheque of $1250, said good byes and went our ways.

From the left: Phil, Alex, Andrew, Pete, Thomas, Thomson, and some French guy 
(LOL he's cut off too)

The whole experience was pretty fun.  The games weren't too meaningful, but I had a lot of fun outside of the game hanging out with people that I interact with daily online  It was really great meeting Andrew and Thomas again.  And it was certainly a pleasure meeting Jeremy and Thomson for the first time.

The real hero in all of this however is Alex.  Alex made great sacrifices not only taking care of me, but taking care of everybody in our team.  So big shoutouts to that guy for being so awesome.  Shoutouts to LAN ETS team for throwing a great event.  Lastly, shoutouts to the guy who took a bad photo where Jeremy is cut off (LOL) and Phil being late to the party.

There might be a second part to this?  Maybe!?  Peace!

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