Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teleport Scroll 101

These are basics and most should already know this, but let's recap.  Bad uses of TP scrolls include these:

A) There's an open lane but there may be a fight breaking soon

You may not know that a fight may breakout soon, but in case of uncertainty, just run to that open lane.  You could TP if the creepwave is close to tower, but not for that sole reason.  It should be combinations of reasons that you are TPing to that lane.  Maybe you are sure that there will be no fights in the next minute.  Or maybe your team is completely avoiding teamfights because your team is too weak to confront a teamfight.

But in any decent level of a game, there should be a purpose behind that lane being pushed to your tower, it's usually so that the opponents can do shit.  It is not good when you TP to an open lane, a fight breaks out somewhere else and you cannot be part of this fight.  Telling your team to not get involved in a team fight because your TP is on cooldown isn't the answer either.  It's sort of like a masturbation, self-serving and not really productive to anyone.

B) Indiscrete use of TPs when ganking, or showing up to a fight

Indiscreteness sucks all around as far as ganking goes.  Cover your tracks.  You always want your position to be uncertain because that is powerful.  This is a game of incomplete information, do not freely give information away.  You have the ability to choose your landing position when TPing, make good use of it and just be smart about it.

C)  If you can help it, walk home

This is more true if the outer towers are standing.  Unless you are forced to, try to walk back to fountain.  Fountain is one destination, but you have many destination choices when you choose to TP  from fountain.

D) Delayed TPs

Let's say you are defending first tier of top dire tower.  Ideally, you want one TP per tower.  If someone is slightly late and out of position, he should be TPing to the second tier tower, and the leftover player should be maximizing his farm and doing stuff until he is absolutely required of the fight.  If there are delayed TPs happening left and right, that means players are positioning very poorly.

E) Too much TPs

TPs are convenient, but if you find yourself TPing around a lot, that's probably no good. This is especially true for supports because supports generally have no gold and buying TPs constantly really hurts their game. Supports don't really have gold because they're not farming.  That means they should be spending time moving around the map and being in position before things happen.  So why the TPs?  Just be careful with the goldsinks in TPs.  

Are there more?  Probably.  At any rate, think of the opportunity cost of TP scrolls and try to maximize its use.  That's the core concept and rest are just applications of the said concept.

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