Monday, July 30, 2012

Interesting insights from Infiltration

If you have been following fighting games at all, namely, the Street Fighter franchise, you'd know that Infiltration has been just crushing the scene.  He was so dominant that the main event of this year's EVO looked almost boring.  Ruliweb was able to interview him post-EVO about his thoughts on this year's EVO, and his partner; Laugh.  What stood out to me of this interview was his thoughts on his partner, which I'm sure is a subject that reflects most of the fighting game scene.
단점으로는, 캐릭터가 너무 정직하다는 게 단점이라 할 수 있고, 개인적으로도 안타깝기도 합니다. 저는 '고우키'가 메인 캐릭터인데, 상대에 맞춰서, 캐릭터 상성에 맞춰서 '고우켄'도 선택하고 '달심'하고 싸울 때는 '하칸'을 사용하는 등 다영한 패턴이 있는데, 안창완 선수도 조금 더 다양한 캐릭터를 사용하고 캐릭터 상성을 고려해서 새로운 모습을 보여주었으면 하는 생각이 듭니다.
Basically, Infiltration says that one of Laugh's weaknesses are his straightforward approach regarding matchups.  Infiltration talks about how his main may be Akuma, but he mixes it up with Gouken, Hakan and Dhalsim against certain matchups.  And that he hopes Laugh would do the same. 

This is a very interesting insight from this year's EVO champion.  He obviously believes in counterpicking.  Will players take after Infiltration and master multiple characters for matchup advantage?  Or will continuos effort of character expertise prevail matchups?

I don't think this is a subject that is quite as black and white.  But I'm interested in the future of this game.  We'll see what happens as game matures more.  EVO2k13, what surprises will you have for me.

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