Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's make a team

So you want to play competitive, and you don't know what you need.  Well, let me tell ya:

  • Minimum two players on the team must be supports
  • Their priority is map control and lane control during the early phase of the game to secure your team's growth
  • They need to know how to shift gears and farm when they need to and not fall behind
  • They need to know how to position and perform during fights with minimum items
  • They need to be constantly aware of what is taking place in the map all the time as they are the one watching the map, and being active throughout the game
  • They are the extra eyes and the ears of the team, they are the most vocal, and proactive
  • The leader of the team must be a support the reasons stated above

  • This player will go to the lane that is expected to get crushed, and not get crushed
    • This means that his primary job is to neutralize the lane, and if he can, win it
  • The better the drafter, the easier the lane will be 
    • if he's sending you to a trilane with Silencer, then your drafater sucks
  • This player must not be impatient, and know to stay back as long as he needs to while the danger level is high
  • This player must know to reduce the damage if the lane is not going well, and make adjustments
  • This player often has farm priority if the lane is shared with another player (usually a support in dual lane)

Solo mid
  • This role does not always exist
    • This is because if you always have a solo mid, your options for drafts are limited and you are prone to get countered
  • In Dota, ideally, you want to win three lanes.  But since that is not very likely, you want to win two lanes, and neutralize the third.  If one lane is designed to win, the other lane is designed to lose, it's up to mid to make the difference
  • A good mid player can hugely impact the game as they often have heroes that can do that
  • Usually players that excel at mid are extremely aggressive
  • One important thing is that it's not just about csing, it's about controlling the game
  • This player can buy wards if he needs to

  • Gets farm priority
  • Need to lasthit like a champion (with freefarm, 100cs in 15-6min is competitive)
  • This player must know how to farm in various gears
  • This player must always weigh his options of freefarm versus whatever else in question and make the correct decision
  • This player must understand that he is playing towards the team's success, not to hit a new record of GPM
    • This means that under certain circumstances, this player is susceptible to, and is his responsibility to buy wards.  Map control is a team effort, not something you just dump it on supports and blame them when the game goes wrong
  • This player must understand that he will not always have a great game where he freefarms all day
    • Anyone can carry with 500gpm and above, but can you carry with 350-400gpm?  You need to be extremely efficient with items that you have and perform well in fights in limited conditions
  • The rougher the game is, the more the team looks back to their carry.  Can you handle the pressure and meet the team's expectation even in less than ideal conditions?  You better.  You are the carry

There are other things I have missed that I'm sure I forgot, but I think that's the gist of it.  Here are some other things that a team must have:

A good leader
  • Someone who doesn't get bothered by the losses or tough games they have
  • If you are constantly groaning and complaining throughout the game, you are not a leadership material
  • Someone who doesn't just get dragged by the flow of the game, but instead, he takes control and drives the game the way he wants it
  • Someone who is a people person, and genuinely loves the game and is enjoyable to play with
  • Is able to always stay clear on topic and mediate the team well
  • Need to have a great understanding of the game so he can make good calls
A good drafter
  • Someone who understands the game well
  • Someone who understands both teams well (does research)
  • Not always a leader, but often is

A good teammate
  • Being passionate is good, but bringing down the team morale is not
  • The team must understand the drafter's vision
  • Try to create an enjoyable experience for everyone else in the team
  • Understand the teammates' situation and try to help
  • Don't nitpick, everyone makes mistakes
  • Be accountable of your own actions, admit to your mistakes before they're pointed out, and know to move on
  • Trust in your team
  • Communicate
  • Team rises and falls together, you must not only know of this concept, but truly know it
  • Need to know how to deal with losses and move forward

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