Saturday, December 10, 2011

All that rust!

I'm an oldschool player.  I mean, I go back as far as 8 years ago when it comes to my first impression of DotA.  When I got involved a bit more seriously, it's still pretty oldschool.  I'd say I am the second generation of DotA, where Merlini, Faach, Ezy, Fang & p0c have already made their legend.  At the time, it was the age of the Russians; VP and SP.  

Those were exciting days, when the game was still new, and people were discovering true potential of the game.  I still remember the shock I felt from seeing MYM's triple solo with double jungle (you can do that?!), and Merlini's Beastmaster jungle that not only pulled, but linked the creeps to another camp (wtf?!) all the while keeping up with other solo lanes in levels.  All you newschool players now solo mid with BM, and hey, screw you buddy!  BM was the mothafuckin KING of the jungle!! Give the man some respect! Damn kids these days!!

- Rexxar the Beastmaster
And of course, the legendary alt of Merlini; Lussypicker (some name, eh?).  Where he showed us exactly how much gold there can be in the game by playing Alchemist and getting the best items in the game by 30 minutes, ending it with, if I recall correctly, Divine Rapier (ballahhh).  How I would play Alchemist then to try to mimic what he did and fail, hahah.

Those days have passed however.  As TDA and DXD started to die off, we North American DotA players were given few choices:  Either to move on from DotA to something else (League and HoN), or get on Garena.  I suppose the majority of NA community moved on from DotA since we were directly exposed to League and HoN and people wanted that "new game" feel rather than staying on the old WC3.  And I was no different.  I've had some bad experience with Garena in the past, and my DotA crew had somewhat dissolved by then.  

So I moved on as well.  Leaving DotA behind, I played many ARTS genre games that sprouted up everywhere;  League, HoN, Realm of Titans, Rise of Immortals and LOCO.  And it was during these times I found myself a whole new respect for DotA and Icefrog's design principles.  I may explain more of this later.

Fast forward a year or two, DotA 2 is announced.  And I finally get in after many months of wait.  And boy, has things ever changed.  First off, I'm not as good as I remembered myself to be, hahah.  And secondly, the community has matured a bit more along with the genre. In short, players have gotten stronger.  I suppose this is to be expected with all the exposure of League and HoN.  Players' overall understanding of the game seem stronger than before.  Not only that, I have all these new items I have to learn and there are new heroes on the horizon that aren't yet ported.  And just because I was taking a break certainly doesn't mean the rest of the community had been.  They were getting better and stronger all the while I was fooling around.  There's a whole new metagame with the old DotA, as well as everything that carried over from HoN along with its players (that insanely aggressive mindset!).

The void of the break had been much bigger than I had imagined.  I thought I could just come back and wreck face?  Nuh-uh.  Pretty sure the first game I fed (hard), so did the second. Likely had done the same in third and the fourth game.

Only after 200 games, I'm finally starting situate myself.  But then I came across a few hi2u players and they ripped me a new one.  Pretty sure our team didn't take a single tower in that game, hahah.  They must be one of the strongest NA players in beta right now, and it's instantly noticeable when you fight them.  I suppose they had always been a strong team, but I never had the chance to play against them even in the old days since they were DotA West and I was DotA East.  And latency was a big issue at the time between West & East games still.  But yeah, these guys were good :)  Then there are these newschool players that I've never even heard of, but are an absolute rape.

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun with DotA again, and it feels good to be back.  I'm far from where I was, and where I mean to be, but I will get there!

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